Things You Should Know Before Getting a Crawfish Table

Looking for a great crawfish table? Checkout our brief guide for ideas.


Crawfish Table Materials

The kinds of tables are typically made with plastic. However, we did manage to find one manufacturer using concrete as an alternative.

List of Crawfish Table Brands 

Sizes Available

  • 55 Gallon for a barrel


Other Things to Consider

Paper Towels: Does the crawfish table have holders for paper towels? As you know eating those tasty little bugs can be a bit of a messy affair from all that seasoning and whatnot so paper towels are handy to have around.

Beverages: How about beverages? Is there a spot for them on the table? You don’t want to have to hold your drinks while trying to get filled up with deliciously cooked crawfish, so a beverage holder is surely a must have.

Condiments: What about the condiments? Is there a specific location to put these? Dipping a crawfish straight from the pot in some tasty sauce can be pretty nice so maybe consider a spot for condiments on your table as well.


Seats: Is there enough room for everyone you’ve invited to the party to have a seat at the table? Nobody enjoys having to continually get up from their seat over and over, and possibly knocking over a kit in the process just to get their fair share of freshwater lobsters. Having a seat for everybody at your table is the way to go.

Stability: If your crawfish boil is in a place with lots of wind will the table be stable? To alleviate this issue some manufacturers have started offering bungee connections to hold these tables in place. So that could be something worth considering depending on your circumstances of it being windy or what have you.

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