Crawfish Cooker : Important Facts

Straight from the water to your cooler, a crawfish cooker is an excellent way to boil up some crawfish. These machines make it incredibly easy to prepare huge amounts of crawfish quickly and easily for consumption. It is accurate to think of these devices as functionally comparable to a kit with the pot and other pieces in one single unit.


Crawfish Cooker Materials 

A crawfish cooker is typically made from aluminum or stainless steel as these materials generally hold up quite well to the significant heat required to boil water.

Crawfish Cooker Sizes Available from Across the Web 

  • 60 Quart
  • 80 Quart
  • 85 Quart
  • 100 Quart
  • 160 Quart
  • 170 Quart
  • 220 Quart


List of Crawfish Cooker Brands

Other Things Worth of Consideration

Handles: You may want to examine the handles on the sides. Specifically, will the handles make it easy for you to move the entire cooker? Some of these cookers in fact weigh well over 100 pounds so of course any help from a good handle is desirable. Furthermore, how about the basket inside the cooker? Will it let you easily move the cooked crawfish into a cooler or some other storage unit such as a table? If not, then that might be a problem depending on your circumstances.

Holding: How much weight can the cooker hold? If you’re going to be cooking hundreds of pounds of crawfish this could be something worth seriously thinking about.

Time to Boil: How long does it take for the cooker to reach a boiling temperature? Obviously you don’t want all your excited compatriots at the party to be waiting for an eternity to get their food, so it might be worth considering the time it takes for your crawfish cooker to reaching a boiling temperature.


Chute: Is there a well-designed chute to easily remove all the crawfish from the cooker once they have been cooked?

Height: Will the height of the unit be optimal for your needs? This is especially pertinent if your personal height is a bit unique compared to other folks.

Stability: How will the crawfish cooker hold up in the conditions in which you’ll be cooking? Will you be cooking in a windy environment? If so then you really might want to think about the physical stability of your cooker considering these are filled with quite a large amount of boiling water.

Gas: Do you have access to natural gas? If so there are some cookers which support the use of natural gas as an alternative to propane. That being said, for most folks this probably isn’t worth considering.

Stirring Paddle:  Many cookers come with a stirring paddle as these tools are widely considered to be something nice to have for mixing in a seasoning of some kind.

Difficulty to Clean: Lastly, is the crawfish cooker difficult to clean? The last thing you want is to spend hours and hours cleaning a cooker in addition to cleaning up all the food at the end of the party.

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