Crawfish Boiling Kit : Helpful Information

A crawfish boiling kit is a great way to jump into cooking and eating crawfish. This type of kit typically has a pot, strainer, lid, and burner. Some of these kits even come with a regulator, and stand as well.


Crawfish Boiling Kit Materials

Just as with any crawfish boil pot, a crawfish boiling kit is typically made from aluminum or stainless steel.

Crawfish Boiling Kit Sizes

The size of a kit is based upon the size of the accompanying crawfish boil pot. According to our research on the matter, crawfish boiling kit sizes range from 44 quarts to 100 quarts. It’s worth noting that there are a number of turkey fryer kits which claim to additionally be fully functioning crawfish boilers, however, for the sake of this writing only aptly marketed “crawfish boiling kits” will be considered.


Crawfish Boiling Kit Brands


Other Things Worthy of Consideration for Crawfish Boiling Kits

Regulator: You also may want to consider that if a regulator comes with your crawfish boiling kit whether or not the regulator is CSA approved.

Cleaning: How difficult will the kit be to clean the leftover mess from seasoning and so forth?

Handles: Are there handles on the pot so that it will easy to move to the table?

Cooking Surface Area: Is there enough room for you to put everything you want to cook in there?

Length of the Hose: Is the accompanying hose long enough for your needs?

Height of the Stand: How about the stand, is it tall enough?

Sturdiness: How solid is the whole kit when considering it will be filled with hot meat and boiling water?

Construction: How difficult would it be to put it together?

Support: If you need support for whatever reason (returns, exchanges, etc.) will it be available?

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