The Crawfish Boil Pot : A Brief Guide

A crawfish boil pot is a key component in the boiling of crawfish. These pots are typically created with solid aluminum or stainless steel to give them a sturdy and durable structure for consistent cooking. They vary in size from small enough to hold only the catch of one angler, all the way to a massive container fitting for a tremendous family gathering. It’s also worth noting that having them come as pieces of kits is an alternative.

Measurements of Size

These pots are typically distinguished in size by the amount of liquid they can hold. These sizes go from 22 quarts all the way up to 160+ quarts.

 Crawfish Boil Pot Sizes Available

  • 22 Quart
  • 24 Quart
  • 36 Quart
  • 40 Quart
  • 42 Quart
  • 80 Quart
  • 82 Quart
  • 100 Quart
  • 120 Quart
  • 140 Quart
  • 160 Quart

List of Crawfish Boil Pot Brands

Other Things Worthy of Consideration

You might want to consider whether or not the pot you purchase has handles as to make lifting and moving the contents of the pot (seasoning, crawfish, water, etc) as easy and safe as possible to a table. Additionally, a lid for the pot is a nice touch as it can ensure there is no mess made from all those boiled crawfish. The difficulty of cleaning the pot is of course important too, as is how well the materials and design of the pot can handle the amount of heat which your heat source puts out.

And while we’re talking about heat, you might want to think about how stable whatever pot you purchase is, as you certainly don’t want it failing over. Lastly, if you’re purchasing one of the larger sized pots you should probably know that some of them have a drain valve as to easily remove any liquids. So it might not be a bad idea to think about how the option of a drain valve affects your crawfish boil pot too.

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