14 Great Ideas for Crawfish Boil Party Supplies

Knowing which crawfish boil party supplies to buy is not an easy task, but, with our unique list of hand-picked accessories it’ll be a breeze to get everything you need.

Crawfish Trays

With these crawfish trays everyone can eat their share even if there’s no room at the table.

Crawfish Beads/Charms/Necklaces

You don’t just eat crawfish, you wear them around your neck.

Crawfish Tablecloths/Runners

Let everyone know your table is THE table to get the best crawfish.

Crawfish Toys

Now the kids can even join in on the fun with these great toys.

Crawfish Shirts 

Keep your next crawfish boil extra classy with an appropriately themed shirt.

Crawfish Cups

Make your party one to remember with these crawfish decorated cups.

Crawfish Hats

Cover your head with a hat that lets no one question if you love eating crawfish.

Crawfish Costumes

Dress up as your favorite mudbugs.

Crawfish Salt and Pepper Shakers

Spice up your next boil by keeping one of these handy.

Crawfish Party Invitations

Everyone will know your party is going to be a blast with these custom party invitations.

Napkins, Plates, and Other Related Crawfish Boil Party Supplies

These are definitely the classiest napkins and plates in existence. Well, at least for a crawfish boil anyway.

Crawfish Bibs

Making messes on yourself from eating freshwater lobsters will never be an issue again with these bibs.

Crawfish Signs

Take your crawfish boil to the next level with one of these custom signs.

Crawfish Flags

Give your party a really fun feel with one of these flags.

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